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Welcome to UNB's site for the Graduate Program in Electronic Systems and Automation (PGEA). This program received CAPES grade 4 in the 2010 evaluation.

The PGEA offers Masters and Doctorate courses and it's staff is made up by qualified PhDs in the areas of Automation and Control, Biomedical Engineering, Microelectronics and Signal Processing. The focus areas and lines of research are:

  • Automation and Control: intelligent environments, process automation, robust filtering and control, mechatronics, robotics, identification of nonlinear systems, automation networks, ad hoc and sensors networks, industrial sensor networks, telematics;
  • Biomedical Engineering: instrumentation; biological signal processing and modeling, medical image acquisition, reconstruction and processing, design of catheters;
  • Microelectronics: nanoelectronics, integrated information processing system, organic electronics, photonics, intelligent systems;
  • Signal Processing: image and video coding and processing, digital TV, audio and voice processing, multimedia, multidimensional signal processing.

The PGEA is part of the Departament of Electrical Engineering of the Universidade de Brasília.